Top Architecture Schools in The World

Best Architecture Schools in the World

In 1865 when Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched the first program in united state architecture education has come along since then. The students today have hard decisions to make. Their time and money is very important to them. In this section top architecture schools has been described. The architecture schools are attracting great talent and devoted practitioner.

The system of ranking

There are some selected professional leaders they have direct experience hiring and some graduates. They supervise the whole ranking system. The professional queried the participant different questions. It is a kind of survey. They research the students and how good in their profession. The research is done by some processes. Those are:

  • Dean’s survey: This survey is done by the practitioner ranking.
  • Student survey: This survey is for the students. Do they are satisfied for their education.
  • Research surveys: This is done by the professional. How the research is conveyed, the research instruments are well or not.

These are the top architecture schools of the world:

1. South California Institute of Architecture (USA)

It is truly an architecture institute.  It develops yourself to become a successful architect. It is the leader in architecture design. It is famous for computational design. It is NAAB accredited. NAAB is for the licensed architect in united state.  It is very much important for the students.

2. Architectural Association (London, England)

It is one of the top architecture schools in the world. It show the way to being the leader in the field of architect. The best architect firms of the world pick up the students from this institute as soon as they finished their course. The students choose this institute for engaging in the quick job. This increases their investments.

3. Massachusetts Institute and Technology (USA)

This institute is always renowned for their engineering works. But today they are involved in the very good architectural teaching. It is almost impossible to find a aspect of architect where Massachusetts Institute and Technology is not involved. Though their fees is high you should not ignore MIT.

4. The Royal Danish Architect of Fine Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark)

This Danish University is a great forerunner architecture institute in this world. They created a great understanding in new architectures of this world.

5. University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)

In these modern days Japanese are the leaders of rich architecture. They are not only in architectures but also in the engineering they are the leaders. It is proved to be one of the elite members of the architect schools. Tokyo itself is a example of their beautiful architect. It is most crowed city, but the city is so beautiful. And don’t forget about the earthquake. It held strong in the time of earthquake because of their architecture.