Starter Bar Anchoring with Epoxy Adhesive

Anchoring Bar using epoxy

1. Scope of work:

Starter-bar anchoring with epoxy, 2 components product.
2. Advantages of the system:
High performance anchoring adhesive
All sizes of starter bars
Easy to install
Overhead application possible
3. Product:
Sikadur 31 is a solvent free 2-component adhesive based on a combination of epoxy
resins and specially selected high strength fillers.
Sikadur 31 is particularly suitable for anchoring bars in any concrete position (horizontal, vertical, overhead)
4. Application procedure:
Sikadur 31 for starter bar anchoring1. Drill holes to the required dimensions, as per structural calculation. (to be done by the structural engineer)
For indication, when using Sikadur 31, the diameter of the hole shall be equal to the
diameter of the bar +5 to 10 mm. Hole Depth depends on calculation, based mainly on concrete strength, steel yield strength and required loads.
2. Clean the holes. Ideally the holes should be washed out the day before the product application and allowed to dry overnight.
3. Mix Sikadur 31 components A&B together for at least 2 minutes using a slow speed electric drill (max. 600 rpm) until the material becomes smooth and even in colour.
4. Introduce into the holes (perfectly dry, clean and free of dust), the mixed Sikadur 31 using an injection gun. The Sikadur 31 must fulfil the complete hole.
5. Place the starter bar into position, screwing the bar by hand to reinforce the fixation.
6. Allow Sikadur 31 to set undisturbed for at least 12 hours at 25oC.