Skid Loader – A Multipurpose Excavation Equipment

Skid LoaderA skid loader is an engine powered machine with a rigid frame and a left arm which helps in attaching a large variety of tools that include the labor saving tools and attachments. This normally contains four wheels and the left side wheels are totally independent from the right side wheels in their functionality. These wheels are the drive wheels of skid loader. While each side of the skid loader is independent from the other side, so the direction of its wheels will tell that which directions you need to go and which function will it perform. They normally have the capability of turning on their own tracks. This capability has made skid loader very useful and valuable for different tasks. These tasks mostly include the use of agile loader.

The front arm of skid loader lies behind the driver, unlike the conventional loaders. Its major pivot point is located behind the shoulder of the operator. Operator is in a close proximity in moving buckets and booms and due to this, the past replicas of skid loaders were not very secure as the common skid loaders. The danger increases during the entry and exit of the operator.

Skid loaders, now, have all the safety features and they have cabs which are fully enclosed. This is all done for the security of the operator. All these measure will save the operator from any type of injury. Skid steer can scratch the material from one location to another location, just like all the other front loaders. They can also carry material in bucket and load this material in the trailer or truck.


Skid loader can perform a lot of operations. It can also take place of the large excavators because they can dig a hole out from the inside of the earth. This will first of all dig a ramp and then through this, they will reach to the tip of hole. After this process, the loader will come in action and this uses the ramp to bring the material out of this hole. As the excavation gets deeper, the skid loader shapes the ramp and it will be shaped in a way that this will be steeper and longer than the previous one. This is very useful to dig under an overhead. This is because the overhead clearance will not allow the large excavators. This is just like when you are digging a basement under a house. You do not want house to collapse but you still need a basement under it. Several specialized buckets can be used instead of the existing buckets of skid loader. These buckets can also be powered by the hydraulic system.


Two brothers named Cyril and Louis Keller invented the first three wheeled front loader. They invented in their machine shop which was situated in Minnesota in 1957. A neighboring farmer needed to remove turkey dung from his store. His barn was doubled storied and Keller brothers helped their neighbor in doing his work.  So, they built this loader to help him and this was proficient to rotate to the length of itself and also performed the same tasks as conventional loaders. This light and compact loader had a rear wheel.

Rights to the Keller loader were purchased by a company down the road. This company was the Melroe manufacturing company and it was situated in Gwinner ND. They hired these two brothers to work with them and continue with their invention. So, they provided them with an environment to work. A loader named M-20 self propelled was invented due to this collaboration and it was first introduced in 1958 for the first time. They put back the caster wheel with a back hinge after two years and hence, introduced M-400 loader. M-400 was the primary four-wheeled loader in the world. This was powered by 15.5 HP engine and had 1100lb operating capacity.