What is a Project Management Methodology

Project Management methodology

The project management methodology is simply the method (steps) by which you will use to complete each project from beginning to end. As a beginner, your methodology will be as defined. As you grow as a project manager, you will begin create your own methodology, taking from others methodology and creating your own unique one. The creation of a methodology that would encompass the entire project would be too broad and bold of a task. The term methodology insists that you devise a method, orderly thoughts and actions. Regardless of your experience everyone works around the same project management essentials, they are as follows:

1. Define the Project
2. Plan the Project
3. Monitor the Project
4. Close the Project

With the tool, you will soon find yourself completing these stages by memory. In time, the process itself will become automatic. However, your goal is not to create robots, but to promote open thought, analysis, measurements of progress and ultimate success. And although there may be stages and processes to follow, the intent is that you will take the foundation and make it your own.

You may be asking what does that mean, “Making it my own” While following instruction is good, nowhere in history did following instruction alone make successful pioneers or trailblazers. In most cases, great success was achieved by using individual ability to take a concept and think outside the box and beyond. This type of thought process and project management is what led to most of the inventions and concepts used today.

Your project management methodology will form itself over time. Your methodology is a living thing, you may delete and or add to it until you get to place of completion. For some this process takes weeks and some they have yet to find that one set of principles, philosophy and actions that work for them.

Your goal, take what you learn and devise your own project management methodology, one that is entwined within you and not a clone of someone else’s.