Perfect blend of science and creativity- landscape architecture jobs

landscape architecture jobs

The designing of outdoor public areas, different landmarks etc. is known as landscape architecture. It is actually the designing of different structure for achieving social-behavioral, environmental and aesthetic outcome. Landscape architecture jobs are something which is dealing with the above phenomenon.

Scope of the landscape architecture job

There are different scopes of landscape architecture jobs are found. These scopes include the  designing of urban areas, storm water management, planning of a town, environmental restoration etc. planning of parks and other places of recreation, provision and planning of green infrastructure, designing of home, private estates etc. are also included in the job description of a landscape architect. These types of jobs actually involve a systematic and thorough investigation of the different social, ecological and geological processes and condition of the area and the proper designing of the arbitration, which help in the production of the desired outcome.

Field of activity

The field of activity of a professional landscape architect is distributed in a broad spectrum. Actually these jobs are a complete fun to do. The spectrum of activity of an architect is as follows-

  • The planning, formation, scaling and sitting of new developments.
  • Designing of buildings and public infrastructure.
  • Sustainable development.
  • Management of Storm water including green roofs, rain gardens,  recharge of groundwater, and treatment of wetlands.
  • Designing of campus and site for government facilities and public institutions.
  • Designing of botanical gardens, parks, greenways, arboretums and nature preserves.
  • Different Recreation facilities such as playgrounds, theme parks, golf courses and other sports facilities.
  • Designing and development of industrial parks, Housing areas and commercial developments.
  • Master planning and design of estates and residential landscape.
  • Designing of transportation structures, highways, bridges, and transit corridors.
  • Designs that minimizes the impacts of environmental destruction by integrating itself with natural processes and sustainability.

Job description of a landscape architect

 The job description of a professional landscape architect is as follows:

  • Analysis of the site
  • Evaluation of the site
  • Proper planning
  • Conceptual drafting
  • Development of a proper design
  • Assembling the different documents, details and other specification for the construction
  • Observation of the site
  • Administration of the construction process
  • Getting permission for the project
  • Finally the processing of the project

In the United States of America the landscape architecture jobs are regulated by the individual state governments. The obtaining of a work license is mandatory for an architect in the USA. To get that license, architects must have advanced education, years of working experience in this field and they need to clear the national examination also.