Making the switch to a high-efficiency washer:  Things to consider

high-efficiency washer

If you’ve had the same washer for many years, there’s a good chance that you have never owned a high-efficiency machine.  High-efficiency washing machines are relatively new on the market and making the switch does take some adjustment if you are used to a standard machine.  The good news is, they aren’t big changes and you’ll soon be using your new HE machine like a pro.

Right of the bat, you’ll need to switch your detergent.  This may seem strange, but there are specially formulated detergents that are designed to work with HE machines’ differences.  These machines feature longer cycle times and less water usage, which means it can take longer to get the clothes clean.  That requires a special detergent that will accommodate for the lower water levels and longer cycle.    HE laundry detergents are low-sudsing, which is best suited to the low levels of water that these machines use.  Using standard detergent in an HE machine could mean that the clothes do not get rinsed cleanly and that a residue may be left behind.  Fortunately, it is easy to find detergents for a high efficiency washing machine.  They are sold right alongside the regular detergents in every grocery store and department store.

Next, there may be more options on your HE machine that you haven’t had to understand before.  That equates to something of a learning curve when you bring your HE washing machine home, but more than that, you may have to experiment with which cycles and settings to use to get the results you are used to from your previous machine.

Perhaps the biggest difference you will notice when it comes to operating a high efficiency washer such as the GE™ WCVH4800KWW is the amount of maintenance the machine requires.  Because they do use less water than a standard washing machine, soap residue can stick to the drum, as can mildew-causing moisture.  To combat that, simply run the cleaning cycle regularly, as per the manual’s instructions.

In all of these cases, the differences between using a standard washing machine and a high-efficiency machine boils down to a learning curve.  HE machines are not inherently more difficult to operate, but using one may be something outside of what you are used to.  As long as you are prepared to do the research, read the manual and invest a small amount of time into trial and error at first, using a high-efficiency washer can pay off every time you do laundry, in the form of extra dollars in your bank account.

The decision to purchase a major appliance should always start with research.  Go online and research the various models of washing machine to find one that best suits your family’s needs.  And if you do decide to opt for a high-efficiency model, be sure you understand the differences between them and standard machines and be sure you understand the adjustments you may need to make in how you do laundry.