Design Your Life with Best Colleges of Architecture

Best Colleges of Architecture

A well-known architectural college

The art and science of planning and designing all types of structures like houses, churches, apartment complexes, schools, colleges etc. are known as architecture and the person who practices architecture, is known to be an architect. There are many colleges, who provide with different architecture programs for the students but some of the best colleges of architecture have some better facilities than others.

Types of architecture degrees

There are several ways to join an architecture degree like you can join a 5 year bachelor or Master of architecture program, or you can have a bachelor’s degree in other subjects such as mathematics, engineering or arts and then join a college for a 2- or 3-year masters degree in architecture. In order to follow a professional career in architect, a student must have a graduate degree in architecture.

Features of some of the best colleges of architecture

There are some best colleges, which provide with some offers for studying architecture like

  • Some colleges provide you with pre-architecture undergraduate degrees in art or engineering so that the students can easily prepare for their graduate programs at other institutions.
  • It acts like an introductory courses for students who are interested in architecture but not for a graduate study.
  • The architecture programs provide by these colleges helps the students for searching an off-campus or internships positions so that they can earn some recognition in their career.
  • For architecture students, internships are very important, as some of the state licensing boards want an architect to complete the internships, to complete their registration.
  • There are many colleges, where in architect programs, students are provided with an opportunity to perform volunteer service projects, so that they would have a good work experience which is necessary while working in communities.
  • Many colleges like to focus on particular information like urban planning, sustainability, landscaping and environmental design.
  • Students with programs that are not recognized by the NAAB will not be able to sit in state registration board exams. Keeping this in mind, a student should choose a college.

Summary of Architecture programs

  1. Bachelor Degree:- Most undergraduate students earn a Bachelor’s degree like Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in studio art, a pre-architecture Bachelor of arts in engineering. Some colleges provide undergraduate architecture programs, which are less technical and mathematical, and more theory and history. The subjects included are structures, drawing, math, environmental issues, art history, communications and graphic design.
  2. Master’s Degree: – Dependingon the student’s undergraduate preparation, master programs can take between 2 and 3 years to complete. These courses include topics like urban design theory, digital media, acoustics, sustainability and construction.

Before choosing an architecture college, just gain some proper knowledge about the best colleges of architecture and then take the admission.