Things To be Remembered while Using Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader SafetyA general backhoe loader or a steer loader having backhoe attachment can be proved as very advantageous if it is very safely and properly used. The best way of operating it efficiently is to have good knowledge about the job site and the equipment that you are using.

The safety chain in backhoe prevents the rotation or shifting of the backhoe mounting in backwards direction. Hence it avoids the danger of unexpectedly trapping of operation that can even cause death. So it is recommended to check the attachments and mounting points and the safety chain before starting it use.

Different backhoe loaders have different features but the common safety feature among all of them is that they have frame lock and attaching layers that help to backhoe to be safely fastened to the loader during its operation. Also they have steps and grab handles.

One should always check for leaks, excessive wear, cracks, damaged parts. Also inspect the control levers. The proper steps for maintenance hence to be  taken if needed.

Do not take the warning signs and  instructional decals lightly. If you found any missing or faulty decal, change it immediately. This would help to avoid you from serious injuries.

Before leaving the seat of operation certain things should be kept in mind. Do not forget to turn off the engine and lowering down the attachment and the bucket to the ground. Also always remove the ignition key before making an exit from the machine.

All the zerk fittings are to be greased after every 8 hours. Also the hydraulic liquid should be checked on a daily basis. As the machine does not operate if the level of hydraulic liquid is low hence proper inspection of this is essential.

In case to have to drive the backhoe to the next operating site make sure that both the front and rear stabilizers are fully raised. Also keep the backhoe seat into down position so that you get a better visibility. Before driving off the transport locking pin should also be installed.

Other things that are very important for the machine and should be kept in mind are:

  • Always select the bucket whose size is perfect for the job.
  • Always make the area that has to be excavated and stay out of it.
  • This machine is to be used in only those areas where there is an adequate overhead clearance.

Always be alert while working on this machine. Keep an eye on the path of the machine so that no person gets injured by it.